Junior Montessori / Pre-School

Holistic Education

(Aistear/Siolta and Montessori Method of Education)

We aim to provide a broad range of learning to suit the individual and unique journey of each child in our setting. The 'Montessori' materials allow children to learn at their own pace and to self-correct errors, without adult intervention, enabling them to become confident and independent learners.

The Aistear curriculum allows us to develop children's well-being (through observing their interests and culture) and give them a sense of belonging through photos of their family, their celebrations, their journey.

The curriculum provides opportunities for art, music, reading, drawing, colouring, water and sand play and lots of opportunities to play outside in our playgrounds, each one catering for the different age groups and interests.

The teachers observe and record children's development and create a memory book of the child's journey during their time in the créche.

We mix older and younger children as this gives them the opportunity to be leaders and allow younger children to feel cared for and included, just like in a family.

Playschool Montessori